Little Miss

I'm just a girl in my early 20's trying to succeed and enjoy life.  I have a story like everyone else; it might even be interesting. Just ask if you want to know more. 

I am many things: Daughter, sister, friend, Christian, grad student, ice skater, recovered anorexic.  Although these roles shape me, I don't let them define me and I am always open to discovering new things about the world and about myself.  I have fears and insecurities, but I also have gifts, for which I am infinitely thankful. 

I'm a busy gal, but life is good.  I find that prayer, laughter, and chocolate go a long way to making things right.


Most of the pictures that I put on here are either taken by me or are taken from  I love this site and am extremely grateful that it exists for me to steal pictures. <3