Monday, May 23, 2011

Time Isn't Kind or Unkind

Well I haven't fallen of the face of the earth, yet. It's been a crazy few weeks.
I miss posting, I miss commenting and reading everyday. I miss you guys. Even though I've never been an very frequent blogger, I feel that I've become even more sporadic than ever. I haven't commented on many of your blogs - not because I don't care; sometimes I just can't find the energy to make a coherent, supportive remark. I trust that you guys understand.

I've had a roller coaster couple of weeks since school started. My thoughts and emotions have been all over the place. Some days I feel so hopeless about school and life and I just want to run away, and other days I'm absolutely in love with my life and so confident in my ability to thrive. I know it's just stress from school and work, but it drives me crazy. I would say that I'm struggling right now, but I hate to sound dramatic because my life isn't really that bad. I'm just confused and a little lost right now, I guess. My eating hasn't been 100% as good as it could be. It's hard because no one in real life realizes how much of a struggle food can still be for me. I look fine, I eat, so I must BE fine. For the most part, I AM fine, but sometimes it's still a challenge.

Anyway, I shouldn't be so doom and gloom - I survived the end of the world after all! ;) I've been tagged by a couple of lovelies and I'll do those soon. I have quizzes in every class this week, so I should be studying...

Love to you all!

Monday, May 9, 2011

All I Want Is Loving You and Music, Music, Music

So I know I said I would put a vlog up and I'm still working on that. I just need to make sure that my hair is perfect first...just kidding, lol. No really, I need to make sure I have enough time to upload it and I sorta need a topic, too. So if any of you have any questions or ideas feel free to inspire me! Otherwise I'll probably just ramble pointlessly about my day or something. :)

So since I'm not vlogging yet, I thought I would embarrass myself anyway by talking about my music choices! I love music of all sorts and I'm open to new things (just not rap!), but honestly my taste isn't particularly sophisticated or cool or progressive. I'll admit that I like Top 40 and country and showtunes. I like alternative and indie stuff too though!

Here are a few songs that I'm currently loving (note that this is not a representative playlist because I love just about everything - these are just the first songs that came to mind):

Embarrassingly Corny, but Inspiring Song - because I'm really a 12 year old at heart:

Summertime Song - reminds me of the beach:

"Cool Song" - Great for studying; I love this group:

Fave Song to Workout to/Top 40 - even though they're not so good during live performances...

Country Song - I know alot of people don't like country, I love it! Maybe because I'm a hopeless romantic...I could list a million country songs, but this one is fun:

Song that Makes Me Cry - On a similar country note:

Prettiest Voice - I recently started listening to this girl and she is seriously amazing:

I Just Like It:

And there you go - some songs that I like. Random, maybe, but that's ok!
I love you guys so much and I hope that you all have a great week!
What songs do you love right now?
Do you have any suggestions to help me "expand my horizons"?
How about suggestions/questions for my vlog?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just a Quick One

Hello All!

I tried to post a vlog yesterday, but it wouldn't load. :( I was so excited about it, too! Oh well, I'll try again this weekend. Does anyone know of a quick and easy way to post a vlog?

So this will be super quick because I just got to school and class starts in a half hour. But I wanted to say hi and let you guys know I'm still here. The last few days of spring break were busier than I expected and then I had work on Monday, school on Tuesday from 9-9, and work again yesterday. Today I have classes from 9-9 again -crazy I know! Usually I get super stressed out the first week of school, but I'm doing pretty well so far. Love seeing my friends!

Eats!! (From WEEKS ago, lol!)

 Homeade falafel - sort of a fail - they fell apart, still tasty though!

Soup and a sourdough-rye roll

Apple cake w/ cream cheese frosting and strudel topping

Ok, so like I said I really want to post a vlog this weekend. Hopefully I can get that up!

Love to all!