Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just a Quick One

Hello All!

I tried to post a vlog yesterday, but it wouldn't load. :( I was so excited about it, too! Oh well, I'll try again this weekend. Does anyone know of a quick and easy way to post a vlog?

So this will be super quick because I just got to school and class starts in a half hour. But I wanted to say hi and let you guys know I'm still here. The last few days of spring break were busier than I expected and then I had work on Monday, school on Tuesday from 9-9, and work again yesterday. Today I have classes from 9-9 again -crazy I know! Usually I get super stressed out the first week of school, but I'm doing pretty well so far. Love seeing my friends!

Eats!! (From WEEKS ago, lol!)

 Homeade falafel - sort of a fail - they fell apart, still tasty though!

Soup and a sourdough-rye roll

Apple cake w/ cream cheese frosting and strudel topping

Ok, so like I said I really want to post a vlog this weekend. Hopefully I can get that up!

Love to all!


  1. Wow, 9-9!? That's intense!
    I had the same issue when I first tried to post a vlog. What worked for me was to upload the video to youtube and then embed the youtube video into a blog post. I set the you-tube video as unlisted so no one can see it if I don't send them the link. I hope this helps! :-) I'm super excited to see your blog!!!
    Take care and hang in there with your busy schedule! <3

  2. gluck with your crazy schedule!! My day used to be from 4:30 skating until 10:30pm classes!! I remember those days!

    falafal!! yummmmm!!!

    have a great rest of your day!!

  3. Beautiful picture! :)
    And ahh, class that long seems so intense! I hope you're staying fueled and energized, ha!
    All of the food porn looks so good! ;)
    I would love to make falafal, man!
    Have a great weekend! <3

  4. You look gorgeous! I'm also kinda stressed out with school now because it's finals time :/ Oh well, at least I'm done for the summer in a week! I'm glad to hear that even with your super-busy schedule that it hasn't been too stressful of a transition back to school.
    Even though your falafel didn't stay together, it still looks delicious! I love almost all Mediterranean food, especially falafel.
    When I made my vlog a while ago, I did the exact same thing as Jess, just uploading to YouTube and then in blogger I clicked on the video icon and embedded my vlog. Hopefully this works for you because I'd love to see it!

  5. Ohhhh!! Everything looks delicious!

    You've got a stressful schedule - WOW.

    Stay strong girl!!