Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hopping Down the Bunny Trail

Mkay, so I think this post will be mainly pictures - yay! Gotta update you lovlies on my life and eating.

Oh real quick - I feel like I haven't commented on alot of blogs lately. :( That's completely unintentional. I always read through your posts once and then go back and comment when I have the time, but lately I've been forgetting and then I log on and I have a whole bunch of blogs backed up and then I'm like AAHH! And then I end up not commenting at all. So sorry!! I still love you guys!

Anyway, my Easter was nice and quiet. I got alot of "fun" reading time in and some yard work.

Me trying to fly my little kite that the Easter Bunny brought me...lol. It wasn't quite windy enough!

Easter eggs!!
Carrot cream cheese muffins for Easter breakfast.
Is it the Easter Bunny?!

So remember how I wrote about how we were redoing are side yard. Well here it is:
I LOVE the umbrella and netting over the patio - it makes me feel like I'm in a fairy house or something. The whole thing is a definite improvement over the dead grass that was there before!

And finally my mom's birthday cake (sorry this post is all over the place!)

My mom doesn't like cake, so this isn't an actual cake per say. Instead it's layers of meringue, chocolate  buttercream, penuche, and a chocolate/rice cereal mixture. It was basically all the cake fillings/icings that my mom likes without the cake. It was sooo sweet and rich, that we could only eat a little bit at a time (and we all have big sweet tooths (sweet teeth?) around here). But it was pretty amazing if I do say so!

Well, I'm going to try to post one more time before school starts again next week (already!). Then it's back to once a week. I was going to leave you with a picture of my halfway successful falafel attempt, but really, what can beat this?


  1. OMG that "cake" looks amazing!!!!! I'm not a cake person either, but I'd be super excited about the meringue, chocolate buttercream, penuche, chocolate/rice cereal mixture. I'm glad you had a nice Easter! :-)

  2. Those muffins look so good and perfect for Easter! It's so cool that you made falafel, I love it but I've never made it myself, I think I'll have to try now! And I'm with your mom and Jess, I'm not a big fan of cake but the one you made looks amazing! Good luck with school starting up again!

  3. I loved your cat. She/he looked cute with the rabbit ears. If I tried that with either one of my cats then I'd probably get scratched up. Ha ha. Oh well!

    You looked like you had an amazing easter. :D

    And DO NOT worry for not commenting every time I post on my blog. I understand you are busy and I'm always happy to have you leave your thoughts whne you can! Hugs :)

  4. I want a yard like yours! It must be wonderful to enjoy this time of year.

  5. I think you should be really proud of yourself :)
    And thanks for the tag below.
    When I get chance (after my exam) I will try to follow it up :)
    Be good to you xxxx