Friday, April 22, 2011

I Don't Think You're Ready For this Jelly

Ahh! So I can't believe that it's been a week since my last post. I was totally planning on posting alot because of spring break and all, but apparently time flies way too fast! Thanks for all your comments on my last post. I'm so glad you guys found it interesting. The philosophy is something that has to be looked at with an open mind, but I think it can be very helpful especially for people with food and weight issues. I think I'll do another post about similar stuff sometime - it was fun sharing what I'm learning!

I was originally planning on doing another kind of post with lots of pictures, but I never actually transfered them to my computer. :( Fortunately, this amazing girl tagged me with an AWARD! Thank you soo much L!

 (See my post title kinda goes with this...)

1. Post this award with the picture and name whoever tagged you in it
2. Do the STUFF
3. Award to 7 others and tell them you did so!
1. Name 3 things that are lying right next to you
2. Name 2 foods you cannot live without
3. Name 1 thing you did today

Okey-dokey here goes:
1. A book (yay for fun reading!)...
Peace bear...
And a large pile of (clean) clothes that you don't want to see!

2. Arg this is so hard, haha. Yogurt! and Soup! (ok, so that's more of a meal, but it still counts :)

3. Made a birthday cake for my mom - pics to come!

That was fun. :) Now here's my least favorite part of awards...tagging. I wish I could tag everyone!
I'm not sure who's already been tagged so just go with me here, haha.







Sia Jane

Ok have fun! That's all for now - I need to catch up on the Office and then to bed because I have skating and work tomorrow. Have wonderful weekend and a happy Easter!


P.S. I totally just noticed how many exclamation points I use in my posts. I guess everything is very exciting! (!)


  1. Have a great Easter bootylicious girlie!

  2. I LOVE the title of this post!!! :-) Thanks for the tag, girl! Happy Easter to you too!!! <3

  3. Thanks for the tag! I love doing these things! And I just realized that I use a lot of exclamation points too so I guess we both have very exciting lives ;)

    Happy Easter! Oh and P.S. I love love love The Office! One of my favorite shows.