Saturday, October 23, 2010

Have You Ever Thrown a Fistful of Glitter Into the Air

I knew I would be terrible at updating.

Today was a good day, I guess - I studied, then worked, then studied some more.  I think I have a love-hate relationship with my computer right now.  It sucks away my time and, yet, gives me the world. Lol, thats why I don't need a boyfriend!

Yikes, I think this blog needs a higher purpose instead of rambling.  I'll work on that and I'll work on opening up.  Normally, it takes a year for me to really feel comfortable with someone in real life.  Hopefully I can cut that time down in the blog world! 

Memorable Meal of the day: Homemade chocolate-caramel cake (okay, so not exactly a meal, but its chocolate!)


  1. It usually takes me a while to "open up" to people face to face, too...ironically, i don't come across as bashful or shy whatsoever on my blog! I have a hunch you'll cut down that time, too ;)

  2. Don't worry- I was horrible at updating when I first started too(; I would say i'm gonna update every day! And not update for four days so now i just update every other day. Don't feel pressured to either, i just update when i need a distraction or need to vent. Nice blog btw!