Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Everyday I Fight For All My Future Somethings

Yesterday, my sister and I had a little fun.

Now (not to sound like a cookie snob, lol), but usually we make our Christmas sugar cookies from scratch.  BUT, my mom picked up this mix from Trader Joe's for - Ta Da! - 99 cents!  It came with mix, icing, sprinkles, even cookie cutters.  All we had to do was add an egg and butter.  They were quite easy and tasty, too. 

Here's a look at some of the finished products. (We used some of our own cookie cutters and decorations, too because we have a ton!)
The past couple of days have been good overall.  I've had my moments, cried my tears, but I've had the most stress-free days I've had in a long time.  Part of it, I think, is because I get to skate more now that I'm on break.  It sounds cliche, but it really is my escape and my love.  Even though I'm by on means an amazing skater, I feel like its something special, something I can do and not worry about what everyone else says or thinks about me. 

Which leads me to a story I read in Marie Claire while I was at work yesterday.  It's basically about what are called Highly Sensitve People - people who "feel" more than most others and react to things (and people)on a much deeper level.  Even though I don't necessarily think this is a condition or disease per say, it describes me perfectly and it was reassuring to see that, at the very least, I'm not quite crazy!
It's a very interesting concept and I think many of us can relate to it. 

Soo, I hope you (all 6 of you, lol!) are having a good week and getting prepared for holiday fun!  Thank you guys so much for commenting and visiting my humble little blog, btw.  I love reading your comments - they make me smile!  Hugs to all!<3


  1. yay for cookies from the scratch! I always make cookies from scratch too; they somehow taste better, in my opinion! :)

    I read the article. It is really interesting. I do indentify myself as HSP! At the same time, I can't help but feel this article kind of really talks about hyperviligance (exactly what HSP is really). I do have that. So I wonder if people are trying to make hyperviligance sound less "psychological" by changing it into a different word: HSP.

    I love reading your posts! They are inspirational and wonderful to read. Have a wonderful holiday if you don't plan on posting again before christmas. Hugs <3

  2. I love cookies from scratch, but the mix is just more fun & easier sometimes(:

    I'm glad you got to skate again! I used to skate a lot when I was younger, it was a lot of fun! Hopefully I'll get to do it again soon. I haven't read the article yet, but I'm for sure a HSP, always have been, always will.

    I love reading your blog! You're always so positive & happy about everything(:
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Yummy! Those cookies look delicious! And from scratch - the best! I'm not a cookie fan, but cookie dough on the other hand.....Love it!

    I really enjoy reading your blog!! And appreciate all the comments you leave on mine. You are such an encouraging, positive, and discerning girl! You are real.

    Merry Christmas and God bless!