Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hello World

This past week/weekend was hard. Not so much eating wise, although that does suffer when I'm stressed, but school was seriously kicking my you-know-what. Monday, I had the hardest midterm I've ever had and I'm not being dramatic either. Nothing that the instructor said was going to be on the test was on there and it was a totally different style then the quiz we'd had earlier in the semester. Everyone in the class was mad about it, so I guess that's sort of good - at least it wasn't just me! I cried after that one though.
And today, I had another midterm with the same instructor (she teaches two classes - the joys of going to a small, private grad school!). It was almost as hard. Plus we've been having some financial problems in my family and my mom has been really stressed and depressed which always makes ME stressed and depressed. So, yeah...I've shed a few tears.

Speaking of which, I do tend to cry easily. Usually only when I'm by myself, but I probably cry a few times a month, at least. I'm not really sure if its good or bad or what - it's just me. Sometimes I just feel like I HAVE to cry, you know? Sometimes its just spontaneous and sometimes its in response to the news or a song or even a music video (I know kinda cheesy...)

On a cheerier subject I've had many good things to eat this week. :) I've been restricting a little from stress and all that junk, but I've still managed to have some tasty treats:

Fried rice:

Dal (Indian style lentils):

Borscht in a bread bowl:

Chocolate cake:

(Sorry for the poor picture quality)

As you can see, my sister and I like to experiment with international cuisines. It's fun to try different dishes and get ideas to incorporate into everyday meals!

I think I told a few of you that I was going to make overnight oats. Well, I never got around to it because of the above craziness, but I AM making it tonight! Crossing my fingers that it works!

Take care you guys. "Knowing" all of you makes watching the world news seem more important to me because I know alot of you are directly dealing with some of the stuff that's happening. Reading Ashley's and Katy's blogs make what I see on TV more relevant and real. I'm thinking of and praying for all of you!

Questions: Do you cry easily? What is your favorite type of cuisine?



  1. I'm sorry you've been stressed with school :/
    I have midterm week this week, too.. I SHOULD be studying right now actually.. just too stressed..
    Just remember that restriction isn't gonna make it any easier!
    And your cake looks delish! I want it :P

    I cry over emotional things. Physically I could get run over and not shed a tear, ha. But yea, I cry sporadically.. it's weird..

    Fave cuisine? Hmm.. I LOVE sushi. Honestly, though, I love ALL types of food. I'm willing to try anything. :)

  2. I'm sorry things have been stressful between school and home. My eating suffers too when I'm stressed. I like Haley's advice - restricting may seem like the solution, but in the long run it only makes it harder. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself!

    Your cooking looks really yummy!

    I only cry occasionally, mostly when I am completely overwhelmed by mental struggles. I hate crying in front of people, so it's usually in the shower...lol.

    I can't say that I've tried lots of different cuisines because of my allergies. But I like to experiment at home!

    Hang in there! =)

  3. Oh I am so sorry that things have been hard. I completely understand how it is hard to eat when stress is present. Keep eating that delicious international food (yum)!

    My dad didn't have a job for almost 3 years. We were not doing so hot. I know how stressful this can be. Hang in there. It certainly takes a toll on the whole family. In the end though, it brought us closer. Sometimes trials bring joy. :D I'll be praying for you.

    Mmmm I LOVE Thia, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Italian food! I want to try more Indian food! You make it look so good!

  4. I remember how that felt! I went to a private undergraduate college (Ripon) and man, it was pretty tough. From time to time, I wondered if I was good enough and it was really kicking my ass especially the stats/math classes. I was also the first person to go to college in my family and my mom was a single mother. She paid pretty much everything for school and we got grants/assistance/scholarships too, but money was a constant worry too. So I totally get where you are coming from.

    But you know what? I got through. I did pretty well. I did have some hefty student loans to pay but they, to me, were worth my education.

    My favorite cuisine would be...umm...oooh, a toughie! I would say anything spicy (Mexican, Thai, Vietnam, a bit of Italian, and certain Ethopian dishes--thanks to my experience in DC, I was exposed to a lot of great types of food).

    And god yes, I do cry a lot. You are not alone. ;)

    PS: I feel honored that you shared my blog. ;) Hugs.

  5. Midterms can be so stressful! I only had 1 last semester but even my regular exams were harder around that time of year. It really sucks so I'm praying that you'll make it through!

    I cry a lot, too. I'm just a really sensitive person and I'm working on it but I think it's healthy to get those emotions out, even through a big cry!

    Hmmm, my fave cuisines are either Indian or Mediterranean/Middle Eastern, like Greek or Arabic. I love pitas and olives and hummus and tabbouleh so I could totally move to that region and I would be set food-wise. But it is kinda dangerous there right now.


  6. You know, that cake looks delicious. Actually, everything does.
    And yes, I cry so easily. Since I've gained weight, my mood has been more stable so I cry less than before. But even pre-ED, I was such a cryer and it didn't take much to get the tears going.

  7. I'm sorry for the stress girl! But did you know that crying is one of the ways the body naturally relieves stress? So go right ahead - it's healthy! That being said I think it varies from person to person and I don't cry very much. Maybe a few times a year? I need to rent a sad movie now!