Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Welcome to My Silly Life

Just wanted to pop in for a quick hello! I'll hopefully have a longer post toward the end of the week with pics. I think about blogging almost every night and I have all these ideas and comments and thoughts, then when I wake up the next morning - poof! They've all floated away and I have a crazy day to deal with instead. Lol, it's all good though.

School is, of course, busy, but mostly I enjoy it. I'm still struggling with the whole social thing, but I've kinda decided that its okay not to participate in everything if I don't want feel like it. I'm not going to be anti-social, but I know what my limits are and, even though I might seem strange to most people,  I'm going to do what's best for my sanity. :)

It was my sister's b-day yesterday, so that was fun. We didn't really do anything, but we did bake a cake, which I'll show you guys next time. I have a pretty good relationship with my sister - she's my best friend. She's infinently better, smarter, and prettierthan me. I'm not saying that because I'm jealous, it's just true and I want so much for her. As the oldest though, I feel responsible for her and I can be a bit controlling. Especially about eating. I'm always so scared that she'll somehow get an eating disorder because of me. I know that's pretty unlikely, but I want to protect her. So its hard because I'm always comparing what I eat to what she eats.  She's taller than me and more active than me, too, so that doesn't help. But, I'm working on letting it go. We are both our own people and I shouldn't compare myself to anyone else. I love her, though!

Anyway, I hope you all are having a good week! I'm especially sending warm thoughts to those of you in the cold states back east. I think it's freezing out here in 50/60 degree weather - I guess I'm spoiled!



  1. 50-60 degrees? You are lucky!! It is so cold here in WI and we are experiencing some snow storm up here. It's not as bad as it is out in south-ish in the midwest area and east though.

  2. Wow its really warm where you are! Its only like 6 degrees here/: Don't compare yourself to your sister, I know its hard but you're a totally different person! Everyone is meant to be different, and no person is better than another(:

  3. You are so lucky with that nice weather! It was that warm here in CO over the weekend but now...not so much! I am in a similar situation with my sister actually. I am the older one but she's a few inches taller than me and I'm always comparing myself to her. It's so hard not to but I know it's better not to and just accept myself for who I am.

  4. It's good that you're trying to branch out socially! I know how hard that is. I'm dealing with it right now, actually.
    Baking a cake sounds like fun! Did you actually eat any? That'd be awesome :)
    Also, I know what it's like to compare. Ugh, that is one of my biggest problems. And I have a really close friend who has ED, and I try to watch over her like you do your sister, but we have to learn to take care of ourselves first and foremost, and then we can worry about others. Also, your sister sounds like she is doing great.
    Just remember that everyone is her own person! God made you this way on purpose. You are perfect in his eyes :)
    So don't compare your sister's looks, brains, or personal demeanor to your own. You are different because you are supposed to be!
    P.s. It's not TOO cold here, either. The weather is psycho, though. I'm in MS where one day it is 60 and the next 25. Seriously! :P
    Have a good weekend :)
    <3 Haley

  5. Enjoyed your post!!

    50 -60?!?! the weather here is crazy!! Up to 50 one day then 17 the next...

    What Hayley said is true - you can best help your sister by showing her how much you love your own body and can take care of it by being healthy!!

    Have a wonderful weekend! <3