Sunday, March 27, 2011

I Need...

Hey all!

I have soo much that I want to write about, but unfortunately my life is getting in the way (how dare that happen, right?!) and I have little time to comment on and read blogs, let alone actually write a coherent post. I think I'm going to have to take a few weeks break from blogger (noooo!!) just so I can get some studying done. Finals are over the next 2 weeks so I have to go into study mode. :/

But, I did want to tell you guys that I survived being by myself for a week! Yay! Toward the end I actually stopped worrying so much about what was going on with my sister and mom and focused more on myself. I asked myself WWOBD (what would other bloggers do) and decided that I really wanted to try and listen to my own body. I think it went really well. I've lifted myself out of my own personal "danger zone" of weight loss. I was not actually underweight; its just the point that I know I've started to lose my grip, if you know what I mean.

I'm really trying to continue this mindset since my family is back. So far it's been touch and go, but I really think my general attitude has shifted even ever so slightly. I don't know - I just feel different. I really want to thank you guys for helping me out with this and encouraging me. Even just reading your blogs gets me thinking about what I can change. Always learning is def. the motto around here!

So my mom and sis brought back some fun things from their trip. I'm going to wait and post the rest when I have time to really get into it, but here's one of my favorite things:

not my picture
A candy from Maine that has coconut, potato, chocolate.Calorie bomb? yes. Have I been eating them? yes. Are they delicious? YES!

Ok so I might not be around for a couple weeks to comment, but I'm still thinking of you all!

Love, love, love<3


  1. Be proud of yourself, pumpkin xxx

  2. Good luck with finals! Mine are in a little over a month--eek! I know you'll do well though.

    I'm glad you listened to your body and worked past your danger zone. Keep up the amazing work! I totally agree with you, I am always learning something from this blogging community, whether it's from others' posts or the comments on my own blog. I think it really is helpful for everyone involved.

    We'll all miss you and I'll be thinking of you :)

  3. Good luck with everything!!

    Glad you are able to be more in tune with yourself/your body. Definitely something I struggle with a lot!!