Sunday, June 5, 2011

What Use Is It To Sing Helplessness Blues

Life can be rough and messy. But there are so many simple, wonderful things to be thankful for.

Being able to study outside on a beautiful day.

Overnight oats in a clearance cashew butter jar.

Homeade lasagna.

A current song obsession.

A mother who makes you adorable reflex hammer cases.

And taking pictures of yourself even when you're a hot mess with no make-up.
Love, love


  1. Aww so cute and yes, seeing the joy in the simple things xxxx

  2. That's a very wonderful picture; I don't think you need make-up at all.

    That lasagna also looks extremely dense and I'd kind of like a piece right about now. :P

  3. I love the last picture of you! I agree, you don't need makeup to look beautiful :)

    Overnight oats are so yummy, but I've never tried them in an almost empty nut butter jar! I'll have to try that soon. Cashew butter also sounds amazing, especially on clearance.

  4. that looks like such a wonderful place to study!!!

    kid rock is amazing too!! i need to listen to him more often!!

    and, don't you love target clearance?! THE BEST!

    happy Tuesday darling!

  5. sometimes it's all about learning to enjoy the little things. some of the simplest things in life are what bring me greatest pleasure! just gotta remember to slow down and appreciate it ;)
    and you're absolutely gorgeous make-up less ;)

  6. It's so true, all of it, especially the current song obsession! And I have to agree with everyone else and say that you look fantastic without makeup:) xx