Saturday, July 23, 2011

Do You Remember Me?

I'm still here!! I think...;)
I've been ridiculously busy and stressed, but things are looking up. I had two finals this week, plus I finished a paper. I have a take home final to complete and two more finals in two weeks and then I have summer break. Hallelujah!!

I've also been working between 12 and 20 hours a week, plus helping my sister get ready to leave (she flies put tomorrow :( ). So needless to say I've barely had time to clean my room let alone blog or read. But I literally think about all of you every day. And I'm constatnly thinking "Oh I should tell them about such and such!" and then I forget what I was going to write about...

To be honest, I've struggled with eating and a drop in weight recently. It's just so easy when I'm stressed and busy to cut back especially at school and work. I'm surprisingly not dissatisfied with my body or anything right now. But I guess it's just force of habit, plus anxiety about what could happen if I "let myself go". Ugh how many times have I been through this??

Anyway, I don't want it to seem like my life is all negative right now because its not. Not by a long shot! I've  laughed with friends from school, taught adorable little kiddos to skate, baked with my sister, and even bought some new clothes. And today my family and I are going to see Harry Potter! I'm so excited! I totally had a crush on "Harry" when the movies first came out (I was 12 - gosh how time flies!).

I hope you all are doing well and having a great summer. Not sure when I'll post next, probably in a couple of weeks.  Hopefully I'll have some pictures next time!

Love to all.


  1. Glad to know you are having fun despite some setbacks you have had with your eating. Do not let being busy become an excuse not to eat, though! ;) Looking forward to your next post.

  2. I completely understand your lack of time for blogging and other such things. That's very much how I feel right now.

    I hope you like the last Harry Potter movie. I loved it!!! :-)

  3. Being too busy to blog is something we're all pretty familiar with I think - and it's not necessarily a bad thing. Especially when you're busy enjoying life and doing things like baking,laughing with friends, shopping and watching movies.
    Enjoy yourself and the rest of the summer!