Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Don't Cry for Me Argentina!

Hello my dears! So this is my first "official" WIAW. I'm pretty much following the rules, which is amazing for me haha! I'm not showing everything I ate today, but this are my major meals and some fun things!


Overnight oats in a HUGE pb jar. I used a normal amount of everything and it barely filled 1/4 of the container, lol! My mom bought this giant carton of buttermilk because that was all she could find at the store, so I used some in my oats. I used part buttermilk, part milk because I was afraid the buttermilk would be overpowering. I could barely taste it though, so next time I think I'll add more.


Grapes, roasted vegetable salad, TJ's Sweet Potato Corn Chips (yes, they're as good as the sound), and a sour cream-olive hummus mixture that I used as dressing/dip. I ate lunch at work, thus the many containers.

Argentenian Lentil soup from this recipe . We didn't have any BBQ sauce so we just used ketchup, mustard, a little vinager, and BBQ seasoning. It tasted great. I also had some random scones that I found in the freezer. :)

Of course no day would be complete without cookies! Especially my mom's cornflake cookies. So good! (I had another one, besides the 2 pictured here)

So that's my WIAW.
Lots of love to all!

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  1. Your WIAW eats look so good! I think I've had sweet potato corn chips before and they were delicious. And the dip you made for them sounds yummy too :)