Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hi everyone!
Tomorrow I have two finals, so naturally I’m going to use my time to do a WIAW and random post. ;) I’ve tried to comment on your blogs, but I think I might have missed a few posts. So sorry!! L
Things have actually been a lot better this week. My sister left last week and at first I had a great deal of anxiety because obviously I didn’t know what/when/if she ate. But, I’m getting over it now and I think its good for me to be “on my own” and be able to just worry about myself. I’ve been exercising more, but I’ve also been fueling myself more and I’m determined to get stronger both physically and mentally.
So now on to What I Ate!

This was amazing:

2 Minute Microwave Peach Raspberry Crisp
I got the basic recipe here, but we had some raspberries that need to be eaten and I used cashew butter instead of p-b. Oh my, I’m already coming up with new variations that I want to try!

Lunch was a cheese sandwich with mustard, mayo, and zucchini pickles. Plus grapes!

Taco night:

Left over roast with all the fixings. This was def. a protein meal! Which is good because I've been trying to increase my protein intake. Gotta have muscles!

And of course dessert (I count that as a meal;)

Peanut butter bread with raspberry sauce. My mom made it for a function, but we couldn’t resist trying a little. Yum!
Hope you guys had a great Wednesday!


  1. I'm so glad that things have been better for you this week!!! Hooray for becoming stronger physically and mentally! :-) Your food looks absolutely delicious! I definitely want to try making your 2 Minute Microwave Peach Raspberry Crisp- yum! Thank you for all of your supportive comments on my blog, by the way. You are an amazing person and I really appreciate your support!

    p.s. I'm sorry that people mistake you for younger than you are, too! You're not alone haha. And when are you turning 22!? So exciting!!!

  2. Being alone can be really hard for me too.
    And I think some "you" time is a really great thing.
    Keep fighting xxxx