Monday, August 22, 2011

Wandering Out Into This Great Unknown

Hi everyone! Don't all fall over because I'm posting on a Monday! hehe

Thanks so much for all of your kind and encouraging comments on my last post. I think recovery needs to have goals and these goals need to constantly be reevaluated and broadened as we progress. Of course, sometimes we need to step back or go back to the drawing board if something isn't working. And sometimes we just need to be gentle with ourselves and know that we are trying our hardest with what mental and emotional energy we have available.

Case in point: I was slightly disappointed this week because I didn't gain any more weight even though I felt like I ate more than usual. I probably could have done more, but I want to take it slow and I def. slipped up a few times. In some ways, though, this whole experience is good for me because it just proves how adaptive our bodies and metabolisms are. Eating more doesn't automatically mean weight gain, it means a faster metabolism and a healthier body.

Another example:

1/2 cup oats, 1 heaping TB of cocoa, a little honey, and probably a bit too much oat milk...oops! I topped it with a bit of unsweetened chocolate and some peanut butter.
 Lol, just kidding. I guess this wasn't TOO much of a disaster.

Somethings I am excited about are these:

I took an online survey for a local natural foods store and got a $2 off coupon!! Go me! hehe So my mom went to the store while I was working and surprised me with nutritional yeast and Bragg's! Yay! She doesn't know about the whole blog world, but she does know that I've been talking about that stuff for a while now. (I just realized how weird this would sound to a non-blogger - being excited about yellow powdery stuff and a salty spray!)

Now all I have to do is figure out what to use them in. I put a little of the Bragg's on my vegetables for dinner and it was good. Tastes pretty much like soy sauce. The nutritional yeast I'll have to ration out carefully because I don't want to waste it. I really want to make a "cheese sauce" so we'll see how that goes. Anyone have any ideas or fave uses for me to try??

I hope you all had great starts to your weeks and I'll hopefully post on Wednesday!


  1. Just sprinkle the nooch on oh, I don't know, everything, and you should be good. ;)

    I use it for most "cheese" sauces. A simple one can be made out of hummus, a bit of [non-dairy]milk and nooch. Others are more complex, but they all make things taste great.

    It does sound kind of funny doesn't it? I get excited over chia seeds and people are like... "from the" Haha.

  2. I think you are doing so well!!
    The first step to overcoming a problem/issue is to talk about it and explore it. It is the secrecy and denial that has the power of it!! And from your last two entries, I can see that you are doing just that!! Definitely make little goals!! I gained 25 lbs very slowly! Also getting rid of clothes that are too small is very helpful and an important part of the process too!

    Just day by day...maybe journal things you did that day you were proud of....and as my therapist points out to me... acknowledge your victories!! I often overlook these, but it helps!

    hugs hugs hugs!

  3. I really wanna try nooch, so you'll have to let me know how you like it! I've seen it used on popcorn but how I would use it is as a nacho sauce for chips.

    I think it's a really good idea to not beat ourselves up for not reaching our goals, whether it's in recovery or some other aspect of life. I definitely need to work on being kind to myself when I mess up.

  4. Keep fighting angel.
    You are doing an amazing job <3

  5. "Sometimes we need to step back to the drawing board" - absolutely! Life's challenges and overcoming them is all about trial and error. You are so insightful and reflective and that is going to help you so much through this journey. Keep pushing and keep fighting every day girl! Don't think about how far you need to go. Small goals is the way to be!

    As for nooch, I LOVE it mixed with PB and sometimes a little sweetener (sugar, stevia, whatever). It is the bomb.

  6. You are right that it's so important to be compassionate with ourselves- we can't apply the same perfectionistic mindset to recovery as we did with our eating disorders! There is nothing wrong with slow but sure progress- I'm so proud of you, girly! Keep up the amazing work! <3

  7. Braggs and NUTREAST!
    Those are my food's everyday uniforms. Seriously. On everything.
    Hi by the way, never commented here before.