Friday, August 5, 2011


Well it’s my first day of summer vacation! Yay!!! I’m def. ready for a break. But my day was still realllly busy!!
Here’s how it went down:
5:45 - wake up, get dressed, help my mom get some last minute stuff together so we can take our baked goods to the competition that my rink is hosting (hospitality for the volunteers). Grab a half a banana that’s in the fridge.

My kitchen looks like a bakery!
6:45 - drop of the food and steal a piece of an apricot bar (shh). Ask if there is anything I need to help with.
7:00 - Spend 15 minutes running around handing out walkie-talkies. Then get told I can go home…fine by me - it’s CRAZY at the rink!
7:15 - Eat some cantaloupe and drink COFFEE!! Help my mom clean up around the kitchen and prepare for the next batch of stuff she needs to make.
7:45 - Hope on the computer for bit
8:00 - Work out time!
9:00 - Decide that my room is way to messy and that I really need to put my clothes away…
9:15 - Start sorting my clothes and attempting to reorganize my closet
9:18 - Get annoyed that I can only access half of my closet because my bed blocks one of the doors.
9:20 - Decide that I need to somehow rearrange my bed and desk.
9:25 - Spend half an hour piling junk into the middle of my floor in an attempt to make room for complete reorganization of my room
9:45 - Mission rearrange furniture begins!
10:15 - recruit mom to help move bed, continue to create a huge mess that somehow will make my room clean
10:50 - mom leaves to deliver baked goods, I am trapped in the chaos
11:00 - Decide that I am STARVING!! Well, obvs. Because of my rather poor excuse for a breakfast (which was not ED fueled, btw, more on that later)

Pb, banana, honey, cinnamon on a tortilla - why haven't I done this sooner?!
12:00 - get back to it until around.
1:00 - start one of many loads of laundry
3:00 - Finally have a clean room. Yay!

4:00 - clean up the kitchen
4:30 - dad gets home early and we start dinner (my mom and I anyway, my dad can’t cook at all!)
5:00 - eat dinner

Ok, I’ll end there because that was ridiculously long and probably annoying. Lol
So, as you probably could tell, I didn’t have a very good breakfast. This is extremely unusual for me. Partly, I was too busy before we left the house this morning and partly I just wasn’t hungry. And I also wanted to prove to myself that just because a meal was different didn’t mean that I would suddenly turn into a restricting or binging machine. In other words, I wanted to demolish a trigger. And, actually, I think it worked pretty well - I didn’t die, although I could feel the effects by lunchtime and was able to eat enough to fuel my appetite. I made up for it by having a good lunch and dinner and, of course, dessert.

I don't drink, but just a dash of chocolate liquor on Slow-Churned Coffee ice cream, mmm.
 Tomorrow I have a long day of work and volunteering, but I’m looking forward to it!
I hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. Happy first day of vacation! It sounds like you were really busy. The same thing happens to me when I'm extremely busy--my appetite kinda goes away so I don't eat quite as much as usual. But I'm glad to know that you fueled yourself enough the rest of the day! Your dessert looks so good, I love anything coffee flavored, especially froyo.