Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cause it's You That I Need and Nothing Else Until the End

Yesterday was a fun day. After skating in the morning, I went with a couple of friends to an acupuncture convention/trade show where I got a bunch of free stuff.  Needles and herb packets galore! 
(Yes, I realize the green thing on the left looks like a certian herb, but I assure you that it is not!;)
We stayed for almost 2 hours and the time just flew by.

Afterwards we went to dinner at a Korean restaurant.  It was my first time having Korean food and it was delicious.  Basically, I though it tasted like spicy Japanese food.  (Fun fact: I'm half Japanese.)  We ordered a few different dishes and shared around the table - bibimbap, tofu stew, short ribs, rice, and half a dozen vegetable condiments.  Here's a representation (ps. I love weheartit)

I was actually very proud of myself.  It is extremely hard for me to eat out with other people besides my family, especially when my family is not there.  I get anxious about what to order and how much to eat when I can't mentally compare my intake to theirs (especially to my sister's).  And then, when she is going to be eating something different from me, I still get hung up on eating fewer calories then her.  I'll explain more another time, perhaps. But, I did well last night.  I probably ate less than I could have, but I tried everything and enjoyed it.  Soo, happy days! lol

And, to end - here's a random picture that has nothing to do with this post, but it made me smile. :)



  1. I'm really glad you were able to eat out! The point is that you tried and that's all you can do(: I like to order a bunch of different things so I can sample each one.